¡Gracias por sumarte a la comunidad de las criptomonedas! En este sitio encontrarás una gran variedad de subastas de criptomonedas. A continuación se detalla cómo es el proceso de inscripción y cómo podes participar en las distintas subastas.


In order to participate, we remind you that you must first be registered on our website. If you haven't already, you can do it HERE.

If you have already registered, the next step is to enter funds on the site to be able to pay the registrations with your balance.


If you already have a balance in your wallet CriptoBid, select the auction in which you are going to participate and pay for its registration. Once the payment is made, we will send you a code Single-entry, so you can enter as many times as you want until the auction ends. When you enter the auction, you can view the opening price, the current price, the remaining time and who is participating.


To start auctions CriptoBid.com Two requirements must be met: that the minimum number of users meet and that all of them pay the registration. When this occurs, all participants will be notified to start the auction.


The user who makes the best bid will win before the timer reaches 0. Auctions have a beginning and an end. When you bid, it will put you first on the table. If the values ​​are repeated, the winner will be the one who first made the offer. On the contrary. If the user who made the same offer wants to position himself first, he will have to make a higher offer than the previous one.

Mas Información

To avoid excessive traffic at the end of the auction, the timer will be reset for each bid in the last 2 minutes.

Con respecto a los pagos, Criptobid.com no abonará ninguna subasta a aquel usuario que no haya abonado el monto acumulado. (IMPORTANT !: Once you were a winner, we have to pay the auction you won, since in this way, we can continue the site.)

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