Learn about our Affiliate Program

From Criptobid we decided that there is no better motivation for our users than to be able to give them a reward for their loyalty to our platform

What is the Criptobid.com Affiliate Program?

Our Affiliate Program is based on the fact that they can promote our auctions, either from their social networks or even on their websites and that for each user who participates in our platform they can receive a percentage of these income

How are the rewards paid?

Our Affiliates will be paid a percentage of the value of the inscriptions of the auctions, in this way the interest in our products is made more dynamic, each affiliate will receive 20% of the value of the inscriptions for each user who is register in our auctions

How do I enter the Criptobid.com Affiliate Program?

To be able to enter the Affiliate Program, it is enough to send us an email to our email address criptobid@criptobid.com and in the subject you indicate the AFFILIATE PROGRAM and in the body of the message you indicate your user, our operators will answer you as soon as possible that you are already part of our team

Commissions are going to be paid in Cryptocurrencies?

Yes, the commissions will be paid in cryptocurrencies, to be more exact, they will be paid in bitcoin, each Affiliate can view the status of their account from the panel Affiliate Once you have signed up, there you have all the information you need to implement this tool, from creating the links to seeing a summary of your sales, commissions and the status of their payments.

Can I request that the Commissions be deposited with me?

Yes, you can request the deposit of commissions, you have to write to our email soporte@criptobid.com Indicating that you request the deposit of detailed commissions between the periods of XX and XX of the current month, Criptobid if not, will deposit them automatically on Wednesday of each week