What is Criptobid.com?

We are the platform where you can get cryptocurrencies at really incredible prices. What is the cause of that? We are dedicated to auctioning cryptocurrencies, this new way allows you to obtain them for a value well below their regular price.

We invite you to register and get to know our website that is designed so that you can get the cryptocurrencies you want and save at the same time. Do not miss it!

Cryptobid is the best alternative to obtain cryptocurrencies at low prices

We use blockchain technology on our platform, we believe in a totally transparent economy where you can have control of your funds.

You have the possibility to buy cryptocurrencies at prices below their real value, you get this thanks to our auctions.

Generate your wallets on our platform, your funds will be hosted in the cryptocurrency you want and then you can use it as you wish.


In this section you can find our entire range of auctions that we have prepared for you to participate.


Criptobid.com has its own Cryptocurrency Auctions Simulator, it is designed to familiarize you in a more practical way when you want to bid on our platform.